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Calling All Night Owls!

Go-Card . . . Amped!!
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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

OK, all of you out there . . . I have something REALLY fun to tell you about.  I was out of town this weekend, but I got wind of something at The Track that I need to report!  Let me throw this out to you . . . Family Late Night Out.

When I heard this, I was intrigued.  Being a mom who is always looking for new (and fun!) ways to connect with our family, I wanted to hear more.  Hear more I did, and let me tell you, you are going to be excited about this opportunity!  It involves family – a good thing.  It involves a night out – also a good thing.  And, it is “late” – to me, also a good thing!  I know that some of you are really not so sure about that word “Late,” especially when it precedes the word “Night”  and involves “Family.”  But, this is the SUMMER, people!!  And, in the summer, the “Family Late Night Out” is definitely a good thing!

Now, I should throw out one (or maybe three) disclaimer(s).  I am, after all, a little biased when it comes to late night summer fun.

  • I am a complete night owl . . . as are my husband and our kids.  Don’t judge – we really did have them on a nice early bedtime schedule at one time.  Sigh.
  • We are “slaves to our fun” in the summer . . . someone else please tell me that you get this!  I need school to roll around so that I can get some sleep!
  • You are listening to advice from a mother who took her 11 year old daughter to IHOP last week at 11:30 at night.

OK, now that those are out of the way, we can move on . . . back to the Family Late Night Out!  This is how it works:

Each day until Thursday, June 30th, there will be someone roaming around one of the Track parks giving away 30 (remember, it’s the 30th anniversary!) VIP passes for a 1-hour Family Late Night Out later that evening.  This is sounding really good, isn’t it?!  So, those 30 lucky families will have the chance to come back to a certain Track location (it changes every day) at a certain 1-hour time period for a – you guessed it – Family Late Night Out!  Now, the exact time period varies a bit, but you can be certain that it will not start before 10:30 p.m.

I can just hear it . . . some of you are cheering, and some of you are groaning.  Just remember (those of you who are groaning) this is summer and most of you are on vacation – you have permission to live it up!

You may be wondering, How do I increase my chances of getting one of these fabulous VIP passes?  After all, they could be handing them out anywhere. You are correct, but here is the inside track . . . those of you who “Like” The Track’s Facebook page will get really reliable hints as to which location they will be handing out these VIP passes.  Actually, it’s much more than a really reliable hint – they just come right out and tell you where they are going to be!  How easy is that?

So, if you haven’t already (remember this post?), go to The Track Family Fun Parks Facebook page and hit “Like.”  You’ll be glad you did!  Embrace being a night owl (remember, it’s summer!) and have FUN at the Family Late Night Out!