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Bring On Summer!

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Heatin’ Up . . . Coolin’ Off!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Yesterday was the start of a new chapter at our house.  Yes, the much-awaited last day of school / first day of summer came in all its glory. And with Memorial Day weekend fast approaching (you know your counting down the hours until you get off of work today!), we can just about make it official . . . SUMMER IS HERE!

So, how do you plan to kick off summer this Memorial Day Weekend?  Let me tell you how we got started . . .

As has been the tradition the past few years, we packed up and headed to Moonshine Beach after the kids got out of school.  If you haven’t been to this little gem, it may be worth a visit during your vacation to Branson this year (maybe even this weekend!).  It is located in between the Chateau on the Lake and Table Rock Dam and is a beautiful stretch of shoreline complete with a sandy beach (with a volleyball net set up!), picnic areas, a playground, restrooms and outdoor showers – pretty much everything you need to enjoy an afternoon at Table Rock Lake.

I will warn you, though – the sand toward the water gets pretty gravel-ly (sorry for the made up word), which can make wading in the shallow areas a bit uncomfortable on the ole’ feet.  So, to make your visit to Moonshine Beach the most enjoyable, remember to pack some water shoes for all the feet in your family.  Oh, and it costs $5 per car to enter the park – not bad for an afternoon of fun by the lake!

It was the perfect kick-off for our summer. If you are in town this Memorial Day weekend, you might give it a try.  And, plan to try one of these NEW attractions:

  1. Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City – I have to admit that I have not ridden this new coaster (I am a wimp), but I can tell you that my oldest daughter rode it last weekend and absolutely loved it!  I just loved her comment about it – “You are like upside down the entire time!”  All the roller coaster enthusiasts in my life just can’t get enough of this one.  And, it is the last weekend for the Bluegrass and BBQ Festival, which will not disappoint!
  2. Batting Cages at Track 5 – You have to admit that summer and baseball go hand-in-hand!  Last weekend, The Track held their Grand Opening for the batting cages by inviting several local teams to come out and check them out.  Look at this great bunch!

Now, I have to tell you . . . I thought it was important that I get out there and take a few swings (I’ve played some softball in my day).  Now, whether or not there were actually balls being pitched – that’s up to you to determine 😉  And, yes, I am in the clothes I wore to church (lunch ran long, ok?!).

I hope you are chuckling right now at my expense.  But even more, I hope that you will come on out to Track 5 to check out the batting cages this weekend – or whenever you are next in Branson.  It just really isn’t summer without baseball, right? Right.

Of course, the batting cages are just one of the many ways you can be entertained at The Track.  I could go into all of those others things today, but then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about the rest of the summer now would I?

Before I leave you at the start of your Memorial Day Weekend, I must pause to remember the sacrifice of those who have died in service to our nation – a BIG THANK YOU to all of these men and women!  We are so grateful for ALL veterans and active military personnel who are such great examples of service and dedication to a cause beyond themselves.  Thank you.

Please enjoy your holiday weekend – we hope to see you here in Branson!