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August 16, 2013

One Last Summer Hurrah!

Today I went with my oldest daughter to pick up her school schedule . . . summer is officially coming to a close! The weekend weather is shaping up to be just about perfect.  You really […]
October 9, 2013

It’s Fall!

We have arrived.  It is, hands-down, my favorite time of the year. Fall. Perhaps I appreciate this time of year so much because where I grew up, summer weather extended way into the “fall.”  Here, even […]
February 22, 2014

It’s a Fun, Fun World!

Recently, The Track was in the news . . . the “big time” news! No, not CNN or Fox News or The New York Times. Yes, Fun World Magazine! What?!  You’ve never heard of it?  Well, […]
March 11, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

I have never been so happy for a 60-degree day and consistently “warmish” forecast. Maybe, just maybe, spring is here to stay. One thing is for sure . . . Spring Breaks are here! Yes, most […]
May 13, 2014


One of the greatest things about living in Branson is that we have a lot of people come visit us.  I realize that some people would not count this as a plus, but I happen to […]
May 21, 2014

Celebrate Summer!

The weather is warm, and school is almost out! Almost, thanks to the 15 snow days we had earlier this year.  But, that’s OK. School is still almost out! There’s nothing better than celebrating the start […]