Branson Tracks

Best Kept Secret!

Beat the Heat!
I Keep Forgetting to Remind You!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

This is for all of you Classic Track go-kart lovers out there.  Do you know about The Track location next to the Pirate Cove mini-golf course on Green Mountain Drive?  If not, you need to – not for its size or its variety of attractions, but for its super-fun Classic Track design!  In fact, the word on the street is that this Track location just may have the best Classic Track in town.  That’s what makes this a best kept secret!  Now, I do realize that by writing this post, it may not stay much of a secret, but that’s quite alright!  A go-kart track this fun needs to be well-loved (that means ridden a lot!).

As a reminder . . . to drive the Classic Track, you must be 54″ tall.  You can ride as a passenger (with a licensed driver) starting at 36″ tall.  So, as long as you have enough drivers in your group, this location is a great option!  And, remember that your Loaded or Super-Loaded Go-Card that you’ve bought online (to save $!) can be used at ALL Track locations and can be reloaded with as many half-price credits as you want until December 31, 2011!