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I really want this blog to be helpful to you as you plan your vacation, so I thought I’d ask the corporate office what kinds of questions they get most about The Track.

Do you know what they said?

There are definitely a few questions that get asked over and over. Well, by golly, we’re going to answer them here.

So listen up . . .  you are about to get the scoop on a few things that inquiring minds really do want to know!

  1. How many credits does it take per ride? Well, there is not a simple answer to this.  Different rides take different numbers of credits.  And, there is quite a range.  And while there is not a simple way to answer this question, there is a simple way for you to find the answer to this question.  If you click on the “Map & Info” tab on the Track homepage, you can find a per facility listing of how many credit each activity takes.  All you have to do is scroll your mouse over each of the Track locations on the map, and you will be able to view that location’s list.  Check it out!
  2. How long does each ride last? Well, it depends on which attraction you are talking about.  If you’re talking about go-karts, bumper boats, or bumper cars, then your answer is . . . about 5 minutes.  If you’re talking about mini golf . . . it depends on how slow the group in front of you is!  If you’re talking about the Skycoaster at Track 4 . . . it depends on how scared you are to pull that rip cord!
  3. Is there a weight limit on the rides? Yes and no.  There is no weight limit on go-karts; however, the seat belt does have to be able to be buckled safely.  The Track does not have seat belt extenders since they are not approved for use by the manufacturer.  The weight limit for bumper boats is 275 pounds.
  4. Explain the Go-Card.  Check out this recent blog post about the Go-Card.  Bottom line . . . it’s the best deal, and you should definitely consider getting it!
  5. How long will 170 credits last? First of all, you may be wondering why people are asking about 170 credits?  Well, it’s because you get 170 credits (for the price of 130, I might add!) when you buy the Go-Card.  This is a tough question to answer because it’s different for every family.  It depends on which rides you are interested in, how many times you want to rides those, etc.  My best advice is to take a look at how many credits each ride takes (remember, you can click on the link in question #1 to find this info), decide which ones you definitely want to do, add up the credits, and see how far those 160 credits will go for your family.  If you come up short, don’t forget that you can reload your Go-Card with HALF-PRICE credits until December 31, 2014!

And there you have it. I hope that helps!