Branson Tracks

Because How You Buy Matters!

I Keep Forgetting to Remind You!
Go-Card . . . Amped!!

Amy, a mom with the “inside track,” and her daughters.

So, today I have some info that I’m pretty sure you are going to love.  How do I know this?  Well, I know that most of us prefer for things to be CONVENIENT, right?  Right.  Well, The Track has some really easy and convenient ways to purchase your tickets that you may not know about . . .

The fact that you are reading this post tells me that you are online.  This is great news!  You are just a few clicks away from buying cheaper Track tickets than you would find at the ticket counters.  And, there are almost always special offers to take advantage of that are only available online!  And if getting a better deal on tickets isn’t enough to convince you to buy online, let me throw something else out there . . . you will save a little time at the ticket counter.  Now, you won’t get to skip to the front of the line, but you will save a few minutes.  And if your family is like our family, a few minutes can really make a difference!  Just picture this with me:

You load everybody up in the mini-van – sunscreen applied and daily itinerary set – and head to The Track (of course!).  The kids are SO excited (and, let’s face it, you are too!) and are talking a mile a minute about what they want to ride first.  Your head begins to spin.  You arrive at the park and head inside to the ticket counter.  There is a short line (this is summer, after all).  You can handle this – its’ just a little line.  You quickly realize that you shouldn’t have been so confident, and re-frame your thinking – you could handle this little line if it were just you, but not you with kids attached to both legs pleading repeatedly, “When do we get to ride?  When do we get to ride?  When do we get to ride?”  OK, maybe they don’t really say it three times, but it’s feeling that way to you.  You start to get a little on-edge, but think better of throwing your own form of a fit (I’m just guessing that the temptation is there), and talk yourself down.  You gently say to your kids, “It will only be a few minutes until you can ride to your heart’s content.”  You get to the front of the line, and the very friendly ticket worker begins explaining your options.  But, you stop her.  You have already ordered.  You are home free!  In just a matter of seconds, you have your Go-Card and you’re off!  You are really glad you saved those few minutes!

This is the way to do it!  Buy your tickets ONLINE – save money and a little time!

Now, if you are a type A, you will probably have your tickets purchased before you leave home.  In fact, you did it far enough in advance that they (or, I should say “it,” meaning the Loaded or Super-Loaded Go-Card!) have arrived and are in your hot little hand.  You are set and ready.  But, if you are not this organized, fear not!  Did you know that The Track has a GREAT, user-friendly mobile site?  Yes, you can buy your tickets online from the mobile site while sitting in your hotel room, during a show (wait, no . . . wait until intermission) or even in The Track’s parking lot!  Yes, that’s right.  All you need to pick up your order are your confirmation number and your phone number – it’s that easy!

So, let’s embrace CONVENIENCE and buy those Track tickets online – because how you buy really does matter!