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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Since it continues to be a little warmer than our usual June temps . . . OK, it’s just HOT . . . I thought I would take a little time to talk about how to beat the heat at the Track.  You might think, “That’s easy.  We’ll just wait until the evening when it cools off a bit.”  Good solution.  But, you know what?  Great minds think alike, which leads to lots and lots and lots of people at the Track at night!  This is certainly a fun atmosphere (and yes, is cooler), but there just might be something to be said for braving the heat and coming out to the Track during the day.  Just hear me out!

As I’ve alluded to, the advantage of coming during the day is that it’s usually (OK, almost always!) less busy.  This means more riding and more playing with less waiting!  Though I’m sure we have all instilled the very important quality of PATIENCE into our children, in particular by being unblemished examples of it at all times :-), the fact remains that it really is more enjoyable NOT to wait.  Who’s with me?!

So, while you’re at the Track during the day, first remember my beat-the-heat tip from my last post.  In a nutshell, ride the bumper boats first . . . just trust me on this one!  Follow this advice, and you will enjoy all of the outdoor attractions in the midst of the daytime heat.  OK, so how else do you beat the heat?  Be sure to take advantage of the indoor fun at the Track:

  • Arcades – All locations have great (air-conditioned) arcades with games for kids of all ages.  The thing that I appreciate most about the Track’s arcades is their manageable size.  It makes it easy to keep an eye on my two daughters who, of course, want to try different games at the same time!  My 8-year old’s favorites games are the Spider Stomp and the Whack-a-Mole (as I type this, I notice a theme in her favs . . . maybe she needs an outlet for aggression?!).  My 11-year old’s favs are Skeeball (a girl after my own heart!), Dance Dance Revolution (I actually thought I would be good at this), and Air Hockey.  Those of you with boys – not to fear, there are plenty of hunting, driving and (insert boy-geared theme) games to go around.
  • Laser Tag – Track 5 has a really cool space-themed Laser Tag arena.  I mentioned laser tag last week in my post about great birthday party options at The Track – check it out if you missed it!  Anyway, we went to a birthday party (during the day) yesterday, and the kids flocked to this.  In fact, they would ride go-karts for a while and then come in to cool off with a game of laser tag.  At the end, the kids got score cards that gave them their stats – you know, the number of times they shot the laser, the number of times they actually hit someone, the number of times they got hit, etc – and their rank.  I got a kick out of the names for each rank . . . especially one of my daughter’s rank – Space Cadet 🙂

So, that’s the “inside track” on beating the heat!

But, don’t forget another great way to beat the heat in Branson – a trip to White Water!  And, get this . . . while you’re visiting the Track, you can purchase One-Day White Water Admission Tickets for $32.00 ($28.67 + tax)!  Big savings!  These special tickets are good for ALL AGES.  And, a special bonus . . . children ages 3 and under are FREE.  Now that’s a deal!

Stay Cool and Have Fun!