Branson Tracks

Beat the Heat!

Still Time for Summer Fun!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

If your family is anything like ours on vacation, we push through despite the “obstacles” we might face:

You’re tired? You can sleep when we get home from vacation!

Your legs hurt from walking? This is only making you stronger!

You aren’t interested in this particular attraction or sight? This is broadening your horizons (and, it’s maybe not ALL about you)!

You’re HOT? Drink some water!

We’re on vacation, for Pete’s sake . . . BE GRATEFUL!!

Please tell me you resonate with this?!

While I can’t offer any fool-proof solutions for some of these vacation-ailments, I can give you a few tips on how to beat the heat during your time at The Track:

1)  When you visit The Track during the heat of the day, start by riding the bumper boats. Why? Well, the bumper boats are descriptively named “SuperSoaker” boats for a reason.  Each is equipped with a water cannon that is guaranteed to soak your fellow boaters. You will get wet!

What if you’re not riding? No worries. Simply stand at the fence around the bumper boat pond, and I feel sure your family members would take great delight in spraying you (I speak from experience!).

After you finish, head on over to your go-kart track of choice. When you start whizzing around the track, you are sure to cool off . . . wet clothes + breeze = built-in air conditioning!

2) When you’re all dried out, head inside to experience The Track’s indoor attractions. All locations have great arcades, but Track 5 has a few special indoor attractions. This location is where you can play Laser Tag, which is especially fun if you can get your whole family to play! You can also try the Laser Maze Challenge (see this week’s What’s Up Wednesday for some Laser Maze antics). And, you can enjoy Route 76 Glow Golf. This is an indoor, 9-hole, black-light mini-golf course that is truly a work of art (and fun to play!).  One of The Track’s very talented employees designed and painted the murals that surround the course. You have to see it!  The pictures don’t do it justice!

After you’ve had all of this fun, it might just be starting to cool off outside. If not, head back to the bumper boats for some built-in air conditioning and enjoy the rest of your time at The Track!