Branson Tracks



Something extraordinary happened today in Branson . . . it rained!!  I mean, it really, really rained! Don’t worry.  Usually, I am not so enthused.  In the past, it always seemed to rain on the days […]

“SPECIALS” – Gotta Love That!

If you’re like me, your heart starts to flutter a bit when you visit a store, restaurant, or website and see the word, “SPECIALS” proudly displayed.  When I see this, I think, This is gonna be […]

I’m Still Here!

Yes, it’s really summer vacation!  And yes, I am still here chatting away on the ole’ blog!  For those of you who are visiting for the first time, let me introduce myself . . . I […]

Track 4 is Ready to Rock!

It’s Friday!  And, not just any Friday . . . it’s the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend! For the first time in a long while, my girls are out of school before this holiday weekend.  And, […]

Warmer Weather . . . It’s Party Time!

Warmer weather allows some of my favorite things back into our schedule . . . grilling out and eating dinner on the back porch (less cooking for me!), going to the pool and lake (though I […]

A “Staycation” Vacation

Well, we’ve made it through those Spring Break weeks . . . the official opening of yet another tourist season in Branson! It’s always a highly anticipated time of year for us locals.  For many, it […]