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Another Mom with the Inside Track!

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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Today I am pleased to introduce another Branson mom with the inside track!

“There are more of you?” you may ask.  Oh, yes.  There are hundreds of us milling around Branson.  You have probably seen us during your vacation, but you might not know our identity.  You see, we are really a lot like you!  That’s why by relating our experiences, we can (we hope!) tap into things that you want to know . . . things that will help you have the best possible vacation in Branson!

So, I bring you Janelle . . . a mom whose family recently had a blast at The Track.

Take it away, Janelle!

A Date with Big People

I have lived in Branson for most of my life and nothing compares to the summertime fun that can be found in this town.  It is alive with activity all day long.  Anything you feel like doing, Branson has it.  I can’t even imagine trying to squeeze it all in during a week-long visit.  There is so much to do and see.  I am so thankful to live in such a fun place.

The other day, our family wanted to celebrate the beginning of summer.  Branson style.

Our two oldest had great years in school, and we wanted to reward them with a date night.  Our toddler was visiting his grandparents so we took advantage of the special time with our big people.  We didn’t tell them where we were going, so all day they waited in anticipation.

“Mom, can you give us a hint?”

“Mom, if we guess it will you tell us?”

“Mom, please please please tell us already.”

“Mom, will dad tell us?”

“Mom, if I clean my room will you tell me?”

And so on.  And so on.


FINALLY, we were in the car pulling into The Track 4 parking lot.  Cheers from the backseat told us this was going to be an AWESOME date night!

The Track was bursting with activity.  Squeals, shrieks and laughter came from everywhere.  We quickly got our tickets and headed straight to the Heavy Metal High Rise.  While we waited for our ride, the four of us just hung out.  We got to laugh and talk and just be silly together.  It was so much fun to watch the other riders and see their smiles and high-fives as they got off the High Rise.  Our anticipation grew by the minute.

I’m not gonna lie.  I was a teensy bit nervous during our first ride on the High Rise.  Not because of anything other than the fact that I am a big chicken and that monster is REALLY HIGH UP IN THE AIR.

Sweet mercy.

As we drove higher and higher and higher I knew this was a force to be reckoned with.  Then the moment of truth.

What goes up has to come down.

The down part of this ride was CRAZY FAST and CRAZY FUN.  After a few turns, I got the hang of it and didn’t have to use the brakes on the hill.  It was 100% pure awesome.  Another awesome thing about this ride is that it is long.  They give you lots of time to really enjoy this.  The photo props after you exit are too fun!  I could have spent all night watching my people rockin’ out with the guitar.

After the Heavy Metal High Rise, our kids led us by the hand to all the other fun rides.  We rode the bumper cars, the rookie track, and the bumper boats.  We never stopped moving.  We never stopped laughing. We ended the night with another turn on the High Rise.  This time was even better and faster than the time before.  I’m ready to go back and do it all over again!

This was the perfect date night with our big people.  I love finding times to play with my family and can definitely say that The Track satisfies that desire.  I am already planning our next trip to include The Lumberjack and laser tag.

Maybe we will see your family there!!

Thanks, Janelle, for sharing your Track experience . . . makes me want to get out and ride Heavy Metal High Rise again today!  Because this is a blog, and I want to support our local bloggers, I encourage you to visit Janelle’s blog (I wonder how many times I can say ‘blog’ in one sentence?).  I’ve just checked it out and there is a SWEET video of her Heavy Metal High Rise ride.  Enjoy!