Branson Tracks

Labor Day!

Drum Roll, Please!
Life on Track – Don’t Just Hear It . . . Experience It!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Have you noticed that I’ve been MIA the last couple of weeks?  Yes, my school-year schedule has already gotten the best of me.  Instead of my biggest concern being how best to spend my TOTALLY SCHEDULE-FREE DAY, I am now in the throes of my COMPLETELY SCHEDULED DAY – lunch-making, carpool running, after-school activities, and oh, trying to squeeze a little work in the mix.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of a schedule, but the change of pace is a little unnerving.

Do you know what is most disappointing about this inevitable transition back to school?  We have not been to the Track in weeks!  But, that is about to change because this weekend is LABOR DAY WEEKEND!  And nothing says LABOR DAY WEEKEND in Branson like a visit to the Track.

Remember, the best deal for your family is to purchase the Loaded or Super Loaded Go-Card online.  In case you don’t already know, either of these Go-Cards allows to you buy additional unlimited, half-price credits until December 31, 2011 and gives you access to a lot of GREAT discounts from other places in Branson that you will want to check out.  So . . . gather up your family, leave your school-year-schedule blues behind, and head on over to the Track!  Maybe I’ll see you there!