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30 Years . . . What?!

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Speaking of Celebrations . . .

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

How could I have missed this?  In all my excitement about kicking off the summer and entering to win a cool sweepstakes, I did not mention that The Track turned the big 3-0 this past weekend!  Yes, 30 years ago this Memorial Day Weekend, The Track opened for business.

Let’s see, 30 years ago some of us were playing with our Cabbage Patch dolls, some of us were bound and determined to solve that Rubik’s cube, some of us were dancing to REO Speedwagon’s “Keep on Loving You” at prom, and some of us (not me!) were not even born!  But, whatever you were doing in 1981, one thing is probably true, things (and we!) have really changed.

In the past 30 years, things at The Track have also really changed.  When The Track opened, the only offering was one go-kart track.  There was not even a building!  If you’ve visited one of the Tracks in Branson, you know that things have come a long way.  But, one thing has not changed . . . The Track still offers a great opportunity for families to have fun together!  Look at this awesome pic of the Grand Opening that The Track posted on their Facebook page:

The Track Grand Opening in 1981

This Saturday, June 4th, The Track will have another Grand Opening at all locations to celebrate their 30th birthday and 2011’s awesome new attractions – the Heavy Metal High Rise at Track 4 (must be 58″ to drive, 36″ to ride), the Road Course (must be 54″ to drive, 36″ to ride) and Tri-Oval (must be 54″ AND have driver’s license) tracks at Track 3, and their new kids area (Track 3)!  Here’s the “inside track” on the day:

  • Radio Remotes (106.3 and 96.5) at Track 4
  • Giveaways (we all love these!)
  • Special – “High Rise Track Pass” for $19, good for one ride on each of the High Rise tracks (Wild Woody at Track 3, Heavy Metal High Rise at Track 4 and Lumber Jack at Track 5) . . . this price is a Buy 2, Get 1 FREE deal!!

It’s gonna be a party, so COME ON DOWN!!